How the Twosie would have benefitted us?

How the Twosie would have benefitted us?

Anna is four and a half. Nappies are a distant memory. What we can remember though are some of the ‘episodes’ involving nappies and wet vests. Launching the Twosie got me thinking about how it might have made our lives easier if it was around when she was a baby.

She hated changing tables as a baby. She would cry the house down. I think she thought she was going to fall off them. So, if we were in a restaurant, café or, god forbid, a bar, sometimes we would have to change her on the floor of the bathroom (I usually had a changing mat or towel, but this would have always been the case for my husband Aidan, as a lot of places lacked changes facilities for dad’s) or on a bench or sofa.

Anna loved her bottles. I think every parent soon works out how much milk/formula they can drink, before bed and how many hours grace that might give before the nappy is full to the brim. With the Twosie it would have been ok to miss the point of no return (when the vest gets wet and you have to strip them to change the vest, on top of changing the nappy) – with the Twosie that can all be addressed with the minimum of fuss and most importantly, without stressing to much or wakening them!

Sunday afternoon strolling around the city or out for a walk in the park? We’ve all had to change them in their buggy. If you have to take off their wet vest, it is cold and uncomfortable for baby, with the Twosie it will keep your baby warm and without having to remove all of their clothes.

I’m from Mayo and lived in Dublin until a few years ago. That meant regular trips back west and two or three pit stops (or pee/poonamie stops if you like) to change Anna. Changing a baby in a car is awkward enough without having to take all of their clothes off on the side of the dual carriage way to change their vest. Not with the Twosie (you may have seen a pattern emerging here)!

Everyone loves flying with babies(not)! We brought Anna to France when she was seven weeks old (yes, looking back now, we ask ourselves why we did that, vulnerable isn’t the word). The flight out was fine, but it was the queueing for the bathroom to change her when her nappy was full and leaky, was the problem, as there was a queue(of about 7 people, and we all know how long that takes), we ended up changing her on the seat (awkward), again having to remove all her clothes just to remove her vest, where only the bottom part was wet. This has happened on many trips since! Believe me the Twosie would have been a great travelling companion for us in those times.

The flight in was not so pleasant, we ran out of formula while out there (no I wasn’t able to breastfeed) and so had to buy the local French formula. To stop her ears from popping, we were giving Anna a bottle on the way in to land, but she wasn’t used to the French fare and projectile vomited onto the teenager sitting beside us as we landed! C’est la vie!

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