Sustainability Story

We're In It For Mother Nature

The BabyBoss Twosie is an eco-friendly product that has been designed with sustainability in mind. Here's what we're proud of:

  • Our packaging is fully compostable.
  • The Twosie is made from 100% organic cotton certified by the Global Organic Textile Standard, ensuring softness, high quality, and peace of mind for both your baby and your ecological footprint.
  • The product design allows you to save water and energy. While the Twosie doesn't fully replace ordinary baby vests, you'll still go through less washing cycles and support eco-friendlier baby clothing with your purchase. 

We're also a member of the noissue Eco Packaging Alliance, which allows companies to contribute to global reforestation through eco-friendly packaging. For every order you make, trees are planted in areas of need on behalf of members of this alliance. 
Last but not least, we're a homegrown company, meaning that with every purchase, you're supporting a local business. Our Twosie was designed right here in County Mayo, Ireland.